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Labour MSP for Central Scotland.


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

RT @SpakenburgAZee: Solidarity from our home in the historic fishing village of Spakenburg, NL! We warmly support an independent Scotland and the right to make your own choices and to decide on your own destiny and future. We wish you a great day in Edinburgh! #AUOBEdinburgh #AUOB #indyref

RT @JackMcKelvie: You know, whenever I watch PMQs and see the utter contempt shown to Scotland by the Prime Minister it just encourages me even more to get out on the doors. The best way to win independence is by having those conversations on the doors, streets, towns and cities. Get out there!

RT @JackMcKelvie: Bill Bowman is getting laughed at when he says the 13 Scottish Tory MPs have did more for Scotland than any other in the last two years. 😂😂😂 #bbcdn

RT @JackMcKelvie: Bill Bowman not mentioning the NHS in Scotland, a common Tory attack line. Maybe it’s because Boris Johnson said today in PMQs that they could take Health powers away from the Scottish Parliament. Not a good look. #bbcdn

RT @JackMcKelvie: The Conservatives are a one-issue party. They have no vision, no determination and no ideas for Scotland except the Union. Which you’ll see is an absolute mess. #VoteSNP…

RT @JackMcKelvie: “The Scottish Parliament has no role in this situation” There you have it, Scotland. Your democratically elected Scottish Parliament means nothing, meaningless.

RT @JackMcKelvie: RT @JackMcKelvie: Scotland does not have the highest taxes in the UK. #PMQs

RT @JackMcKelvie: Scotland should decide for itself in every policy front. Scotland can choose prosperity. A nuclear free Scotland. A Green Scotland. A caring, thriving and welcoming Scotland. Why shouldn’t Scotland be able to decide for theirselves on every policy front? #scotnight

RT @JackMcKelvie: Nonsense, Scotland will be let down yet again by a so called “progressive” Labour government that doesn’t even know what to do on Brexit. Scotland deserves better than the Westminster system.…

“For the vast majority of people who voted in the 2014 referendum, the issue of Scotland and the Union was decisively settled. “Meanwhile, Nicola Sturgeon ignores our struggling schools, creaking economy and unsafe streets”.