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Former EU Climate Action and Energy Commissioner


EU-Commissioner for Budget and Administration

RT @LaboursBlackPLP: Labour will not be complicit in the UK crashing out of the EU with “No Deal” We want a General Election but will only agree to one, once “No Deal” is firmly off of the table. @labourlewis 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

RT @ChukaUmunna: Now we have confirmation that the Tories’ plan to crash the UK out of the EU has crashed our economy. Pursing a ‘no deal’ Brexit is a political choice without a mandate – these figure show people’s jobs and livelihoods are being sacrificed at the altar of political ideology.👇…

RT @tom_watson: The core values of the EU are: Internationalism, Solidarity, Freedom. They are British, Labour values. Our future doesn’t need to be Brexit. We can change our future. But only if Labour makes the case for it – and we must. #proudlybritishproudlyeuropean

RT @stephenkb: If only there had been some kind of opportunity for Labour MPs who felt this way to vote to leave the EU before 29 March:…

RT @lisaocarroll: RT @lisaocarroll: Not a mention on @BBCNews Ten O'Clock News about EU citizens and the polls today...

RT @petertimmins3: As we enter the final days before the EU elections for unelected bureaucrats let's remember that -Turkey didn't join -It wasn't the easiest deal in history -There was no £350 million for NHS -Food won't be cheaper -Manufacturing isn't safe. -UK didn't hold all the cards #Brexit

RT @ForChange_Now: A #PeoplesVote and campaign to Remain in the EU : Our #ChangeUK Charter for Remain policy platform for these European elections on 23rd May ➡️…

RT @peoplesvote_uk: RT @peoplesvote_uk: If you're an EU citizen living in the UK, don't lose your vote.: