All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @Mhormhaich: @Dr_PhilippaW @RedcliffeScott PP, for me is the worry. I expect WM to have a very broad definition of PP. It'll mean exactly what they want it to mean.

RT @Fr_Rusty_Pipe: @georgegalloway @medialens @Jackied15846926 It'll be remembered that,on this day that Novara are tweeting about Woolworths.Just as it'll be remembered how Bastani described Jackie Walker was "spoiling for a fight",and every yellow-bellied one of them ignored Marc Wadsworth and supported Chris Williamson's suspension.

RT @NoraMulready: .@ukhomeoffice must stop saying "it'll be fine". Must say *how*. Q: How does an immigration officer differentiate between EU citizens 1st arriving to UK, & EU citizens who are eligible for, but do not yet have, Settled Status who are returning to UK after FOM ends? @patel4witham

RT @theSNP: 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Regardless of who Boris Johnson picks as his Scottish Secretary, it'll always be the SNP that stands up for Scotland.

RT @DeidreBrock: If the UK Government does eventually give serving personnel this cash it won't go to the poorest paid, it'll go to people earning more than £27,200 (more than £28,193 next year). An army Private's pay starts at £18,859, RAF Police Officer £18,800, Navy Rating £18,489