All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @HolyroodDaily: The Scottish Government’s clumsy attempts to reform the Gender Recognition Act have inadvertently opened a hornet’s nest… New by @holyroodmandy

RT @RitaPanahi: Victorian households could be forced to pay up to $8,200 each over the next decade to fund the state government’s ambitious renewable energy target. Madness writ large.…

RT @BOConnorMP: Media release: The Government’s faux announcement today about the car retailing sector is nothing more than a reheated statement made in last year’s MYEFO, which simply says they will “consider” reforms. #auspol

RT @YSINational: The YSI has spent the last few weeks processing the Scottish Government’s announcement of the delay in the Gender Recognition Act. It’s been a tough few weeks.

RT @TorontoStar: Galled by the Ford government’s cuts to education, a group of high school and elementary students gathered at Queen’s Park in early May and drew protest messages on the sidewalk. Later that month, one of them got a $1,444.51 bill for the cleanup.

RT @MomentsIndia: RT @MomentsIndia: Delhi former Metro chief has urged PM Modi to not agree with the government’s free-travel proposal for women. https://t.…

RT @HarriesDubravka: @Janice4Brexit Starving children in the UK thanks to the government’s greed, rape, bullying and so many more ... now that’s unacceptable. Picking on children that’s unacceptable. Shame on you @Janice4Brexit. Shame on you

Great to be out & about with our Liberal candidate for Reid, Fiona Martin, talking to locals about our Government’s plans to further strengthen the economy, lower taxes & guarantee the essential services such as health & education

RT @theprojecttv: The Government’s been buying up water at record prices, leading to millions of dollars flowing to offshore tax havens. But now, two of our top pollies are facing questions over just who is making a fortune off our water. @HamishNews and @MichaelWestBiz bring you this report