All deleted tweets from politicians

These 6 politicians aren’t trying to atip a no-deal Brexit, they’re plotting to ignore the votes of 17.4 m people and stop Brexit completely. We will get Brexit done by October 31st and take this country forward. ✍️ Show them they can't ignore it. ➡️

RT @RonNehring: Two of the toughest European leaders in holding Russia accountable are @Bordans and @FeldmansLV. They’re with the New Conservative Party of Latvia and are awesome. Give them a follow please.

RT @alexhern: RT @alexhern: Oh, also: they’re skeevy as hell…

Ed Davey MP 🔶 (UKMPs) tweeted :

Tory promises on env: not worth the unrecycled paper they’re written on @theCCCuk report reveals total govt ineptitude & greenwashing: only action of 25 for 2018 delivered was carbon tax on power station emissions This is NOT tackling #ClimateEmergency…

@BarristerSecret Of course not! I know lawyers don’t like this but words have meaning even if they’re not chargeable offences!

RT @i_iove_nature: RT @i_iove_nature: They may be different, but they’re best friends!◽◽

Labour politicians in the Vale promised to save Llancarfan School. Now that they’re running the @VOGCouncil they must be true to their word and deliver👇

@walkthedogma @GuyHooter @KenWyattMP #KenWyatt is helping is friend #ClivePalmer and if they’re elected it will be a government of #cuts chaos&dysfunction #ausvotes19 #auspol

Ed Davey🔶 (UKMPs) tweeted :

Don’t let violence & bullying win They’re not representative; NO place for intimidation in UK politics For each thug on streets there’s thousands of good folks horrified by what Brexit’s stoking of extremists unleashed Stop #EverydayFascism #StopBrexit…

Janice Atkinson (EU) replied to @Refugees :

@Refugees And the real reason she’s not allowed to play football with her brothers? It’s not because they’re in a camp. Clue: she’s female in a certain religion