All deleted tweets from politicians

Economic Policy-Fiscal stability is the starting point. Congress promises to reverse the BJP Government’s fiddling with the target of fiscal deficit. Congress promis- es to achieve the target of 3 per cent of GDP by 2020-21 and remain under that limit: #CongressMainfesto2019

@chriswellsy I support leaving with the government’s deal, which I have previously voted for.

@BroadhurstBooks @MaryEarnshaw This is because I am in favour of leaving with the government’s deal, which I have voted for ◽

@MrKW95857780 @OwenJones84 I am not in favour of a second referendum, and I voted in favour of the government’s deal.

Damien Moore MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Pleased that @seftoncouncil will be awarded £100,000 from the government’s Air Quality Grant. I hope the money is used in a way which provides real benefits to Southport residents and contributes to tackling this issue nationally 🌍 ♻️

Damien Moore MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

More than £25m has been allocated to areas across the country as part of the Government’s £100m plan to end rough sleeping by 2027. Sefton is to receive £142,000 as part of this funding, which will provide rough sleepers with the support they need.

Pretty amazing that ten weeks into the Morrison government’s terms, its sole focus seems to be presenting political wedges - for Labor, and to divide the county. It’s way past time for the PM to step out of this bubble and start looking to solve Australians’ problems. #auspol

Geert Wilders (pvv) tweeted :

During the British government’s #DefendMediaFreedom conference the PVV will not stand for the execution-by-incarceration of a courageous journalist pursuing the UK judiciary’s rape-jihad cover up. Rules entitle “civil” prisoner #TommyRobinson, denied jury trial, one visit daily.

Bob Neill (Conservative) tweeted :

Pleased to speak this afternoon in support of the Government’s sensible reforms to divorce law. The current process is needlessly antagonistic and confrontational for individuals and their families, adding cost and delay, namely in court time.…

Hundreds of WASPI women in my constituency are suffering financial hardship as a consequence of the Government’s inaction. As one of the remaining Tory leadership candidates @Jeremy_Hunt will commit to right this historic wrong?