All deleted tweets from politicians

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

I’ll be with the total heroes (and heroines) at ⁦@PacificResearch⁩ on 9 July talking about how Brexit can strengthen the British-American alliance. If you’re in San Francisco, do pop in.…

RT @_hanimustafa: I’ll just finish on the point that it’s funny all these attacking me as some sort of Remoner, given I’ve invested so much time doing media, knocking on doors, doing real campaigning for Brexit, while their idea of meaningful contribution was sharing Britain First posts on FB

RT @DavidHenigUK: The message "There is no point in saying “Just leave!” or “I’ll get us a better deal!” unless you are clear about how you intend to do it." is absolutely right and being ignored…

RT @JamesCleverly: I’m going to #VoteConservative on my way into DExEU this morning. Then I’ll be getting on with the day job of making sure we’re properly prepared to leave the EU, under any circumstances.

RT @T_W_Robinson: I’ll be voting for @DanielJHannan tomorrow. He’s been fighting our corner for the last 25 years, standing up for Britain in Brussels. We can’t let him down now. #VoteHannan