All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @HarriesDubravka: @Janice4Brexit Starving children in the UK thanks to the government’s greed, rape, bullying and so many more ... now that’s unacceptable. Picking on children that’s unacceptable. Shame on you @Janice4Brexit. Shame on you

Neven Mimica (EU) tweeted :

Announced today 2 cooperation agreements with #Jamaica worth €20M. The #EU will support the Government’s vision to build up climate change resilience & protect forest resources and will also help improve public governance, transparency, accountability & public service delivery🇯🇲

Claude Moraes (unknown) retweeted @PA :

RT @PA: RT @PA: #Breaking MPs have rejected the Government’s Brexit deal by 391 votes to 242, majority 149

RT @Peston: Clause 3 of the government’s meaningful vote motion confirms that all @theresa_may has achieved is to “reduce the risk” UK could be held in backstop indefinitely, but has not eliminated the risk. Which is why Tory ERG Brexiter MPs will vote down PM’s reworked Brexit deal.