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Labour MSP for Central Scotland.


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

RT @_lisadouglas: RT @_lisadouglas: Professor Nicole Busby speaks to the group about women’s rights and the impact of brexit in Scotland.

RT @JaggyScotland: I've been sent this picture from someone who works for @marksandspencer in Scotland. 4 FULL baskets of edible food going straight in the bin! I've been told that the staff have offered to take "waste" to homeless shelters, but 'Top Table' management have not allowed this!! 🤬

RT @JaggyMac: RT @JaggyMac: M25 and the Channel tunnel. Paid for entirely with Scottish north sea oil... what did Scotland get exactly?

RT @OnoYoker: RT @OnoYoker: If Jo Swinson is financially backed by fracking companies, I worry that she would open Scotland up for fracking. https://t.c…

RT @Elliehutch_: Hey! if you're a small/newish charity working in Scotland on gendered abuse, girls and women's rights and other cool things I think we need to have a hangout. You're all doing great things! DM me! cc @EmpowerProjScot

RT @RickyRossPT: It kills me that @theSNP aren't a UK wide party. That they can only be an option for those of us up in Scotland to vote for. In people like @ChrisLawSNP and @MhairiBlack who are some of the straightest talkers Westminster has seen.

RT @trevdick: I'm not a Scot. But I cannot see any conceivable reason why Scotland should be forced out of The EU against it's will. This is an abusive relationship excercised by an English Majority unable to compromise on its crazy ideology.

RT @Jimbyrnemusic: RT @Jimbyrnemusic: Scotland. The most beautiful country in the World. It's official.…

RT @PoliticsRocks_: Well said by the young man on #BBCQT @BBC telling @theSNP to get on with governing Scotland instead of pointing the figure elsewhere for #Brexit and pushing for #IndyRef2 - loudest applause in the room!! @JohnSwinney couldn’t even defend their position #EUelections2019