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@khalilnice If you’d like to send me the reference number (starts with a Z) I’ll look into it.

I’ll leave it to others to speculate on why he’s chosen this moment to launch his blue-tick-Corbynista broadside against me (and my colleagues) tonight. For now, sleep well.

In the local elections today, I’ll be voting for candidates from parties that support a People’s Vote. There’s a good place to check this here:

RT @UnicornUnchaind: RT @UnicornUnchaind: @Lyno45 @ChristinaSNP And just as quackers ◽◽ Sorry, I’ll get my coat. “Taxi for Archibald”

RT @Squidge142: Misery? A few pounds on income tax? I’ll tell you misery.... waiting five weeks for #UniversalCredit, waiting for the #foodbank to open so you can eat whilst you have no electric and can’t keep warm, opening your #PIP decision letter to find a disallowance. You don’t know misery…

RT @NalediPandor: I’ll be visiting Tshwane University of Technology today to see student registration for myself @Official_TUT @myNSFAS @PresidencyZA @RediTlhabi

RT @quaedvliegs: If that’s a serious question, I’ll give you a serious answer because I’ve worked with him and have had the opportunity to analyse him. That’s the look he confects to pretend that he’s not phased by a situation; an overt, but fraudulent, demonstration that he’s in control.…

RT @salarzai_: After consultation with family, friends, supporters and Party, I’ll be contesting on PK-101 for Provincial Assembly of KP on a @pmln_org ticket. Grateful for the party’s trust and requesting you all to remember me in your prayers. Will strive for true representation of my people

RT @iamrichyedwards: Nah, I’ll tell you what we’re getting pretty sick of in Scotland - It’s people like you trying to tell us what we can and cannot do. You say there’s no appetite. We say there is. What’s the best (and most democrat) way to see? PUTTING IT TO THE PEOPLE. What are you so scared of?…

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RT @dctune: RT @dctune: @Noahpinion LGBTQ+: BAKE THE CAKE OR I’LL SEE YOU IN COURT!