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RT @TimScottUK: May is a hill-walker, not a mountaineer. BrExit has been like our Everest, but she didn't want to venture above base camp.…

RT @brexitparty_uk: The Labour Party used to represent the working class. Now they are the party of remain. Vote for The Brexit Party on 23rd May.

RT @timothy_stanley: It's *all* about Brexit, all of it. If austerity was a concern, you could've quit under Cameron. If you thought the Tory backbenches were "a bit rightwing" you'd never have joined at all. The cause is Brexit; the timing is about Brexit. This a Remainer bloc: just be honest!

RT @Michael_Heaver: ‘@ToffTalks voted Remain but now backs Brexit, deal or No Deal. Many Remainers will agree. Let’s get on with it and leave on 29th March.…

RT @Michael_Heaver: Sky News find No Deal Brexit most popular Leave option nationally and in Sunderland. British public ignoring Project Fear and won’t be bullied by Brussels.…

RT @brexitparty_uk: Elizabeth Babade is standing as an MEP candidate for The Brexit Party. Elizabeth is a lawyer, born in Nigeria she now wants a global Britain outside of the EU!

RT @Michael_Heaver: Brilliant to see so many young people on telly standing up for Brexit, bang against a second referendum. Wake-up call for hardline Remainers who claim to represent the young.

RT @GoodwinMJ: We live in a country where 92% of people don't recognise the de facto deputy Prime Minister, 81% the former #Brexit Minister & 63% the Foreign Secretary. Yet somehow we think that offering them highly complex Brexit options at a 2nd referendum is the way forward?

RT @Michael_Heaver: Former Brexit Secretary @DominicRaab set out Day 1 benefits of No Deal: - Immediate recovery of full legislative and regulatory control (including immigration) - Lower tariffs to bring into effect new trade deals straight away - Swifter end to financial contributions to the EU…

RT @Roger_Da_Costa: Friends of the Earth have revealed that Tory MP Antoinette Sandbach, a persistent Brexit rebel and backer of the Peoples Vote received £23,000 last year from the EU for the family farming business in North Wales. #BBCQT