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RT @JimSlaven: Regular reminder that frustrating/delaying/overturning the EU referendum result through parliamentary process or in the courts actually strengthens the right *politically*. And the right must be defeated *politically*.

RT @TomPashby: “We’ll be sitting outside begging [the EU] to listen to us” - @CarolineLucas on the deal secured by the PM Given that Caroline was an MEP for over 10 years, you should be inclined to believe her #C4Brexit

RT @paulw1415: RT @paulw1415: Stanley Brodie QC says the UK left the EU on the 29th March 2019… via @antonyantoniou

RT @WPMTESE: Owen Smith tweeting a video of Corbyn commentating on the Irish EU referendum in 2009, insinuating he is a liar, will doubtless cause every FBPE fetishist on social media to spontaneously ejaculate. I already considered Smith a disengenuous MP. I now also consider him a coward.

RT @WPMTESE: That great bastion of liberty, fraternity and egalitarianism, the #eu, has just voted to recognise proto-fascist Juan Guaido as the rightful president of Venezuela. Any further proof needed that capitalists prefer fascism over socialism?

RT @Sabrina98413165: @JoshuaYJackson I voted Remain. I respect the democratic wish of 17.4 million people. I am an EU worker. I can see a 100 reasons why people would want to leave the EU. I don't see anything progressive about the EU lately - What about article 13 or supporting coups or forcing austerity on Greece?

RT @Sabrina98413165: @georgegalloway @WestmonsterUK What always struck me as grossly unfair is that as an EU worker , I could access public services from day 1 but Jamaicans, Indians and Nigerians could not. It is racism on grounds of colour. It is vile and grotesque. Immigration policy should be colour blind.

RT @JackBMontgomery: We're told leaving the EU will cost jobs – so did joining in the 1970s create any? Actually no; here's Labour's Tony Benn, then Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, explaining how it turned a trade surplus with the bloc into a deficit and destroyed 500,000 jobs. #Brexit

RT @lexitman: @georgegalloway @talkRADIO I'm Labour, but in this instance, a vote for Labour will be spun as a vote for the EU. The Corbynites aren't standing, they're neoliberal, europhilic Blairites.

RT @NOWisNWO: "Comrades and Friends" - Brilliant opener aside, GG expertly deconstructs the case for the EU from all sides and smears of the political spectrum. This type of unity is devastating and utterly heartening. ✌️ #BrexitParty…