All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @Fr_Rusty_Pipe: @georgegalloway @medialens @Jackied15846926 It'll be remembered that,on this day that Novara are tweeting about Woolworths.Just as it'll be remembered how Bastani described Jackie Walker was "spoiling for a fight",and every yellow-bellied one of them ignored Marc Wadsworth and supported Chris Williamson's suspension.

RT @IndyrefTWO: If anyone asks how London was allowed to steal and squander Scotland's oil wealth, just tell them the same way it'll be allowed to drag Scotland out of the EU against our will. We're in a Union that allows it. We've politicians who'll defend it. We've a media that will hide it.

Patrick O'Flynn (EU) retweeted @LNJStokes :

RT @LNJStokes: It won't be Labour, it could be @TheSDPUK, but otherwise this is spot on. And it'll only happen if people join us and make it happen.…