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RT @Shelaco: If there's one thing that'll give Tony Blair indigestion this Christmas, it'll be the thought of a documentary expose into death of Dr. David Kelly. Given those murdered in Iraq, indigestion's least Blair deserves. Please support @georgegalloway in this enterprise. @BlairsIraqWar…

RT @Fr_Rusty_Pipe: @georgegalloway @medialens @Jackied15846926 It'll be remembered that,on this day that Novara are tweeting about Woolworths.Just as it'll be remembered how Bastani described Jackie Walker was "spoiling for a fight",and every yellow-bellied one of them ignored Marc Wadsworth and supported Chris Williamson's suspension.

RT @ArgusICraig: Timetable for Carl Sargeant's inquest is out. It'll start on Monday, with 32 witnesses in total listed (although not all will be called to give evidence in person). Carwyn Jones will appear on Wed - he's the only witness due to appear that day.

RT @IndyrefTWO: If anyone asks how London was allowed to steal and squander Scotland's oil wealth, just tell them the same way it'll be allowed to drag Scotland out of the EU against our will. We're in a Union that allows it. We've politicians who'll defend it. We've a media that will hide it.

RT @DeidreBrock: If the UK Government does eventually give serving personnel this cash it won't go to the poorest paid, it'll go to people earning more than £27,200 (more than £28,193 next year). An army Private's pay starts at £18,859, RAF Police Officer £18,800, Navy Rating £18,489

RT @BlackisGoldz: You expect a Dikeledi Magadzi who killed a child (Michael Komape) as MEC to respect Mama Winnie? It'll never happen. ANC hates Mama with passion. They hate anything that resonates with blackness. They rather worship whites #WinnieMandelaInternationalAirport #ChooseWinnieMandela

RT @1petermartin: ParentsNext, along with #Robodebt is the election sleeper. It'll cost, big time. @ConversationEDU #ausecon #auspol

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RT @LNJStokes: It won't be Labour, it could be @TheSDPUK, but otherwise this is spot on. And it'll only happen if people join us and make it happen.…

RT @UNDP: It'll take partnerships to address megatrends such as climate change. Ideas planted at @Davos sow the path to a more sustainable world. @ASteiner offers a recap of new ways to realize #SDGs discussed at #wef19:… #Agenda2030

RT @LiamByrneMP: This week we'll see the new figures for homeless sleeping on our streets. ,y experience tells me it'll be a sharp rise. And the tragedy is: it doesn't have to be this way. Here's how we could begin to make a change 👇 #WinterOfCompassion #coalitionofkindness