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Labour MSP for Central Scotland.


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

RT @IndyScot_News: RT @IndyScot_News: BREAKING: James Brokenshire has just surrendered Scotland to @AngusMacNeilSNP

RT @R_Davidson1980: @smarimc Linguistic code shifting is almost universal in Scotland. Gaelophone to Anglophone, Doric to Scots, Scots to Scottish-English, Scottish-English to British-English, British-English to universal-English. Everyone does one or more of those combinations. @AngusMacNeilSNP

RT @MrRaffaelli: @AngusMacNeilSNP Should be a multiple choice question in Scotland to clear it all up. 1st option: Vote yes for independence and yes for E.U membership. 2nd option: Vote no for independence and no for E.U membership. 3rd option: Vote yes for independence and no for E.U membership.

RT @KieranReape: Prime Minister responds to @IanBlackfordMP question at #PMQs suggesting Scotland didn't have a plan for independence. If she had bothered to actually read this she would know she's utterly wrong.

RT @SiannamacDonald: @AngusMacNeilSNP @IDeserveFreedom 2/won't be Scotland, no matter how long a "transition period" is, if we don't cut loose from WM. We have around 8wks left in my native land. 8wks. Due to finances we also leave behind our adult Asperger's Syndrome daughter. I've asked @theSNP til I'm blue in the face

RT @SiannamacDonald: @AngusMacNeilSNP @IDeserveFreedom @theSNP 6/Scotland like so much rubbish. Because my husband is European (WM xenophobia) and we are poor (he is permanently disabled) and, it seems, no-one can fight on behalf of us and anyone else in our boat. Brexit? I hope it chokes May, I truly do....

RT @IndyrefTWO: It's the number one story on Radio Scotland news bulletins this morning. This was a tactic employed by BBC Scotland and Glenn Campbell during Indyref1. Campbell scoured Europe then looking for Euro leaders who'd provide an anti-Indy soundbite. He is absolutely not to be trusted.

RT @IndyrefTWO: A reminder of how BBC Scotland covered the Mark McDonald story. Reporting Scotland tried to doorstep the SNP MSP twice. Nicola Sturgeon was doorstepped. SNP MSPs were harried relentlessly. Ross Thomson? We're still waiting.…

RT @IndyrefTWO: Nicola Sturgeon: "The DUP had more power over the future of Scotland than I did, the Scottish Govt did and the Scottish parliament did. If that doesn't crystallize the argument for Scottish Independence then I don't know what does." BBC Scotland: "We can't headline that ..."

RT @IndyrefTWO: Twitter Unionists seem to revel in the fact that Scotland is treated like shit at Westminster. In their mind it's the SNP that's being insulted. "Dragged out of Europe? ... ha ha ha SNP" "Stole our oil money? ... take that Sturgeon" "Respect Scottish voters? ... F*ck off nats"