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@chriswellsy I support leaving with the government’s deal, which I have previously voted for.

@BroadhurstBooks @MaryEarnshaw This is because I am in favour of leaving with the government’s deal, which I have voted for ◽

@MrKW95857780 @OwenJones84 I am not in favour of a second referendum, and I voted in favour of the government’s deal.

Damien Moore MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Pleased that @seftoncouncil will be awarded £100,000 from the government’s Air Quality Grant. I hope the money is used in a way which provides real benefits to Southport residents and contributes to tackling this issue nationally 🌍 ♻️

The Government’s rhetoric of UC helping people stay in work is clearly preposterous; urgent changes must be made to ensure vulnerable households receive the assistance they require.

My comments on the Government’s response to my speech on Universal Credit. Ministers talking about UC problems as "learning opportunities". What?? These are people's lives! UC totally unfit for purpose. It must be halted. #HaltUC #UniversalCredit

Tonight I will be voting AGAINST the Government’s disgraceful Immigration & Social Security Coordination Bill #freemovement