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RT @corpusbelfast: @OrtusNI @DeirdreHargey @AFCG1988 @USDT2 @socentni @OrtusBusiness @JimD_67 @FailteFeirste @WestBelfastPB @FeileBelfast @HarryBeag @PaulMaskeyMP Thank you Seamus and all at Ortus for the many years of providing financial support to our students, assisting them through further and higher education. A fantastic organisation with a beating heart in the community.

RT @corpusbelfast: Proud to announce senior student leadership team for Corpus Christi & St. Rose’s; Head boy and girl SP Mallon & Megan Hamilton and Deputy Head girl and boy Caoimhe Shannon & Khader Aqel. Great students!!!

RT @hennashah94: When we talk about divided communities and a lack of integration we choose to ignore the fact that immigrants who have been working in this economy their entire lives often cannot afford to obtain the same rights as their peers born in this country

RT @hennashah94: The costs to migrant families of obtaining citizenship is prohibitive and is a real barrier to integration. Both my parents have permanent leave to remain but are in a constant state of anxiety about their immigration status because they can't afford to apply for citizenship…

RT @LewisFeilder: Earlier this year, @TomTugendhat's Foreign Affairs Committee set out how: 🔴Putin & allies are stashing 💷 in London 🔴This is bad for 🇬🇧 national security 🔴Russian economy is small 🔴We have leverage & should use it to limit bad behaviour Worth a read:…

RT @LewisFeilder: It's worth remembering: 🔸️ 92% of British companies do not trade with the EU at all 🔸️ This 92% account for 87% of the UK economy That's why it's we must be able to strike our own trade deals with the rest of the world from March. Sadly, this deal does not allow this.

RT @LewisFeilder: "I've always opposed the development of free market economics in Europe." Let's just think about that. He has happily opposed the system that has drastically improved the living standards of millions in democracies across Europe, in favour of the system that went before.

RT @LewisFeilder: On the day the draft #BrexitDeal was agreed with the EU, their deputy chief negotiator wrote this to all EU27 ambassadors. Be under no illusion that it is the EU's intention to trap the UK in a customs union and stop us being competitive.

RT @LewisFeilder: RT @LewisFeilder: This what "gentler, kinder politics" really looked like. Rest in peace, Mr President.