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RT @BootstrapCook: If ever you need a visual representation of the Conservative Party, it's Claire Perry MP, literally DELIGHTED as she opens a facility for the poor people in her constituency to feed each other because her Government has failed them.

RT @BootstrapCook: Good morning. Have some absolutely impotent fury to start your day. IDS, he of the £39 breakfast, the architect of swingeing Tory welfare cuts, Bedroom Tax, Universal Credit, clearing his conscience with a single bag of sugar. 80p. Probably claiming it back on expenses.

RT @BootstrapCook: I wrote this for the @guardian about my last week - and the next year - in sobriety. It's an uncomfortable read. It was a purge to write. And I'm really, really sorry, to everyone I let down. My name is Jack Monroe. I’m an alcoholic. But I'm recovering.…

RT @BootstrapCook: Three weeks ago I didn't think I could manage three days sober. I underestimated both my own capacity for self respect and care, and how difficult the path before me was. But I'm here, I did it, and will continue to do it, #onedayatatime. With a little help from my friends. 💞

RT @tarajaneoreilly: Proud of all the work @TribuneMPs have put into tonight’s event and pamphlet ‘Healing the Divide’ - download the pamphlet here:…

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RT @Salma15139: #husaynsummit2019 Good to hear from @LiamByrneMP on local issues - homelessness, living wage, graceful bonds and humanity - Brummies are the best!

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RT @astonvicar: And finally for those homeless in #Brum and beyond. For politicians advocating change including @LiamByrneMP for organisations of all faiths feeding people including @letsfeedbrum for people offering shelter including @Taborhouse365 Lord in your mercy hear our 🙏🏼

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RT @astonvicar: Liam thanks for this and we need to work together to end the obscenity of rough sleeping. I'm praying that this issue is one where our party politics and #Brexit opinions can be put aside as we work with @andy4wm @StBasilsCharity @Sifafireside and all people of goodwill to end it…