All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @peoplesvote_uk: .@IanBlackfordMP takes over to share why @theSNP want a #PeoplesVote: Think about the responsibilities you have to your constituents.

RT @peoplesvote_uk: OVER 400,000 air miles travelled. ZERO trade deals to show for it. International Trade Secretary Liam Fox, ladies and gentlemen.

RT @DearEmmaH: RT @DearEmmaH: This week I’ll be in the following schools at lunchtimes: @GlenrothesHS Tomorrow @AuchmutyHS on Thursday @GlenwoodHS on Fri…

RT @JPooleSmith: SNP's @PeterGrantMP speaking in the House of Commons right now.. "The answer is simply, Scotland get back in your box. Scotland this is the price you pay for being part of the United Kingdom.." #BrexitShambles

RT @JPooleSmith: @theSNP's @PeterGrantMP is on fire tonight as he has warned UKGOV if they insist on dragging the people of Scotland out of the European Union against their own will then the people of Scotland will have a choice to determine their own future.

RT @GrantWNorris: Regardless of political persuasion or allegiance, nor nation, it’s NOT acceptable for anyone to be told to go back to where they come from. It’s outrageous that this hasn’t been addressed or reported on more @SkyNews @BBCNews @itvnews…

RT @SuzanneMarieTea: @NicolaSturgeon I was born in England and I never supported the breaking up of the Union. Now I feel it would be undemocratic to expect the Scottish populace, who voted overwhelmingly to #Remain, to be shackled to English folly for a second longer. Time for #ScotRef and join the #EU.

RT @alfastforward: RT @alfastforward: Absolutely. Thank you to you and @BeGambleAware and all the MPs and Lords who came and heard about our work. https://t.c…

RT @RecoveryDAPL: Next week is Alcohol Awareness week, we'll be at Kirkcaldy Hospital on Monday morning for an informal chat about drinking and alcohol. @DAPLFife @FifeADP @alcoholawarene

RT @LeeMartin113: Stonking speech from @alisonthewliss on #NoConfidence in this horrid Tory government. Glasgow voted against this government, voted Remain and for Independence. #GlasgowDeservesBetter than this government.