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MP for Orkney and Shetland, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson on Brexit and Foreign Affairs.


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Julie Ward MEP (EU) retweeted @shahmiruk :

RT @shahmiruk: Yesterday the official campaign for Brexit categorically admitted to breaking the law to win the 2016 referendum. Today neither I or anyone involved in bringing this all to light have been asked to talk about it. So please if you come on TV/Radio today/tomorrow, TALK ABOUT IT.

George Galloway (unknown) tweeted :

I’ll be joining @ManilaChan on @InQuestionRT from 4.15pm/GMT to discuss this afternoon’s developments on #Brexit Join us!…

RT @MartWhitfieldMP: RT @MartWhitfieldMP: I am hoping to speak in the European Union debate in Parliament today, waiting to be called #Brexit I will vote agains…

RT @JohnnyMercerUK: Another WA vote tomorrow. Whatever you want from BREXIT, whatever it represents to you, all paths must pass through the gateway of this withdrawal agreement. We either all go through together, or none of us do, and we fail in our promise to the British people to leave the EU.

RT @lucyallan: So tomorrow MPs vote on whether to accept the Prime Minister’s version of Brexit or seek a two year delay. No one, but no one wants this uncertainty and chaos to continue. A vote for the deal means we can leave...…

RT @londonplus18: Amidst all the Brexit noise, some good news! Well done launching @YF_Foundation @mimsdavies. Looking forward to supporting your efforts to tackle labour market injustice in the capital. Our commission can help:

RT @RichardAshMEP: #Brexit stands as a cautionary tale to the people of Europe. We must never take peace and prosperity for granted. Value it, fight for it and defend it every day. My speech in #EPlenary this morning:

RT @peoplesvote_uk: Theresa May's Brexit deal got 242 votes last night. #PeoplesVote got 268 votes tonight. It's time to put this to the people in a #PeoplesVote.

Mandy Jones AM (wales) retweeted @Peston :

RT @Peston: RT @Peston: MPs vote to delay Brexit by 441 to 105. Well that's clear

RT @sajidjavid: Dignity, honesty & bravery from the PM tonight. We must maintain trust in our democracy and deliver Brexit. I urge all MPs to back the Deal so we can fulfil our promise to the British people