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MP for Orkney and Shetland, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson on Brexit and Foreign Affairs.


Member #MEP @europarl @eppgroup @cdu_csu_ep coordinator for @ep_singlemarket #digital #brexit #competition #EUswitzerland

RT @DanielJHannan: RT @DanielJHannan: No, Marek, I don't stand to gain from Brexit: I am an MEP. But the United Kingdom stands to gain.…

RT @TitaniaMcGrath: I will only support a second Brexit referendum if MPs guarantee that the following will NOT be eligible to vote. ▪️The elderly ▪️The working class ▪️Northerners ▪️Any other racists not already covered by the above #StopBrexit

RT @Roger_Da_Costa: Remainer MPs are upset with Brexit because from April 2019 they will have to do some work instead of subcontracting 75% of their responsibilities to Brussels. @LBC

RT @Roger_Da_Costa: Even if we didn't get free trade after Brexit then tariffs would still cost less than the contributions that we give to the EU now. Tariffs would hit Europe harder than the UK. The UK is the EU's biggest market. @LBC #BBCQT #Brexit

RT @j_l_marsden: How is this the Brexit deal explained.. more like a series of statements. I would like it explained to me how we get out of the backstop if France uses a veto on the final agreement over fishing or Spain opposes it over Gibraltar #GenuineConcern…

RT @GoodwinMJ: "If Brexit is defeated, it will prove not only the impotence of democracy in Britain, it will confirm the impotence of democracy throughout the EU" -Robert Tombs