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MP for Orkney and Shetland, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson on Brexit and Foreign Affairs.


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Gareth Bennett AM (wales) tweeted :

Post-Brexit Labour want to keep freedom of movement to the UK. This will result in low-skilled migrants flooding into the country, keeping wages low & allowing companies to access cheap foreign workers. They should be renamed the #CheapLabourParty.

Gareth Bennett AM (wales) tweeted :

BBC News - Assembly and Scottish Parliament in joint no-deal Brexit warning…

Gareth Bennett AM (wales) tweeted :

Post-Brexit Wales offers many opportunities. We must be mindful not to bring unnecessary change & volatility in a climate which already has uncertainty. The current direct farm payments are a safety net for Welsh farmers and should be left in place for now

RT @LlyrPowell: Foolish from @fmwales . Delaying Brexit would be like a trade union chief saying whatever happens, his workers would never go on strike - but please give us a pay rise anyway.…

RT @GuidoFawkes: RT @GuidoFawkes: 'The Malthouse Compromise': Leavers and Remainers Unite Behind Brexit 'Plan C'……

Gareth Bennett AM (wales) tweeted :

Project Fear has been in overdrive, No Deal Brexit myths have been spread. Despite the UK overwhelmingly and democratically voting to leave the EU. #BrexitMeansExit #NoDealNoProblem

Lynne Neagle (wales) retweeted @fmwales :

RT @fmwales: Have met with the Prime Minister this evening about Brexit. I set out very clearly what the PM needs to do - show flexibility - take no deal off table and extend Article 50. The PM listened but now we need to see action.

Jack Sargeant AM (wales) tweeted :

The message from last week's #Brexit conference with @DeesideBizForum is the need for clarity & cross-party cooperation. This is even more important following the UK Govt's disastrous defeat Commons yesterday. I look forward to meeting @wg_CounselGen to discuss matters further.

Gareth Bennett AM (wales) tweeted :

Brilliant to see Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock come out in favour of Brexit. As he stated, we had a referendum and we’ll be far better off out of the EU in every aspect. #BrexitMeansExit…

RT @YIofficial: RT @YIofficial: YOUNG TORIES - Now is the time to #LeaveTheToryParty and fight for a real #Brexit by joining the party of Brexit - @UKIP.