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MP for Orkney and Shetland, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson on Brexit and Foreign Affairs.


Member #MEP @europarl @eppgroup @cdu_csu_ep coordinator for @ep_singlemarket #digital #brexit #competition #EUswitzerland

Ruth Cadbury MP (Labour) tweeted :

Fully agree with @Keir_Starmer- I will be voting against this blindfold Brexit Deal, which aims to trap MPs into accepting the deal, or forcing no deal. I also want any Brexit deal to go back to the public, for full ratification.

RT @Adrian_Hilton: .@IanCLucas: "For different people Brexit means different things." Also true of the EEC in 1975: for some it was about political union; for others it was trade; and for others it offered a post-Empire role in the world. Variable faculty or understanding is an argument for what?

Sadiq Khan (Labour) tweeted :

Throughout the entire #Brexit process, I've been clear that London's one million EU citizens deserve clarity about their future. We're working with community groups and businesses to get free immigration advice and support to EU Londoners. #LondonisOpen…

RT @standardnews: RT @standardnews: MPs back plan to take control of Brexit process…

Sadiq Khan (Labour) tweeted :

No matter how you voted, I’m sure you’ll agree #Brexit is a complete & utter mess.   Enough is enough. I’m marching tomorrow, with people from every corner of our country, to demand that the British people get the final say. Here's why: #PeoplesVote 🇪🇺…

RT @CBItweets: This is a national emergency, firms of all sizes are telling us they are not ready for a 'No-deal' Brexit, we have got to find a way forward that protects livelihood and jobs of ordinary people.

RT @AdrianYalland: And now we have a turd of a deal, or no Brexit, or the pain of a second referendum - when the answer is “hiding in plain sight” (@SKinnock) - a consensus Brexit most can live with which May pretends does not exists. It does. We need it - EEA-based exit.

RT @tnewtondunn: Confirmed: Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay voted AGAINST the PM's motion he had just spoken from the Despatch Box in favour of to close the debate. Go figure.

RT @BBCPolitics: "Don't despair, because Parliament can work together," Conservative MP Caroline Spelman on #Brexit Labour MP Jack Dromey says the problem so far has been "Tory talking to Tory" Follow latest updates here:

RT @TheIndGroup: "Brexit, in any form, will stunt our future economic prospects. We know this because the Treasury itself told us so in its own economic assessment." Reaction to the Spring Statement from out Treasury spokesperson @ChrisLeslieMP…