All deleted tweets from politicians

Hans Jansen (EU) retweeted @bpschut :

RT @bpschut: Hey @Unilever, do the Dutch people a favor and #stay in London. It'll save tax payers 2 billion euros a year. You can still give @MinPres Mark Rutte a job after he steps down, right? In fact, please offer him a position - any position - now. Preferably in London. Or farther away.

Patrick O'Flynn (EU) retweeted @LNJStokes :

RT @LNJStokes: It won't be Labour, it could be @TheSDPUK, but otherwise this is spot on. And it'll only happen if people join us and make it happen.…

Keith Taylor MEP🎅 (EU) tweeted :

Putting Brexit aside for the briefest moment—it'll still be a shambles tomorrow—to make a Christmas playlist, have a look, RT, and send me suggestions.…