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Labour MSP for Central Scotland.


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

RT @M4rtinLennon: 98% of earners in Scotland are getting a tax cut this year, but apparently abolishing the Rape Clause could only come from the 'Magic Money Tree' #tartantories…

RT @spelmanc: 62 MPs from across 4 political parties representing constituencies in England, Scotland and Wales have written to the PM calling for the option of leaving the EU without a deal to be ruled out now. To crash out of the EU on 29th March without a deal would let the UK down.

RT @LeahFranchetti: RT @LeahFranchetti: Looks like Scotland now has its very own Gove.

RT @MichaelSher1dan: Brilliant question in HOC from @PaulJSweeney highlighting the shocking rise in Student Debt in Scotland. Remember this 👇👇👇

RT @seantduffy: The SNP just voted to make sure devolved benefits and council tax can be chased for 20 years in Scotland. That’s 14 years longer than England and Wales. This applies to overpayments that you may never have known about - including for the deceased. Standing up for Scotland...

RT @AidanKerr___: Nicola Sturgeon simultaneously backs: 1. Scottish backstop. 2. Scotland unilaterally wholly in EU CU and SM. 3. All of UK in EU CU and SM. 4. None of the above, leave the UK and apply to be a separate EU state.

RT @AidanKerr___: This inquiry won’t look at the same or similar operations on members of even the same organisations in Scotland—meaning no answers for Scottish victims. @NeilFindlay_MSP and @DJohnsonMSP rightly calling on the Scottish Government to launch a parallel inquiry today.…

RT @AidanKerr___: RT @AidanKerr___: This proposed tax cut is more than quadruple the cost of ending the two-child cap in Scotland.…