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Labour MSP for Central Scotland.


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

RT @heraldscotland: RT @heraldscotland: "Scotland fulfils all the needs for membership, because all the standards are already there"…

RT @JoyOfTheSNP: 9 years ago today I arrived in this beautiful country. 💙 Thank you Scotland for making me one of your own. ❤️ We may be shackled to Westminster (for now) but I am grateful that @NicolaSturgeon, @Feorlean and others are standing up for the right of people like me to be here. 💛

RT @ScotPensions: RT @ScotPensions: IndyRef Vow delivered as Westminster completes final transfer of powers to Scotland - Daily Record…

RT @SP_HealthSport: The Official Report from the Committee's consideration of the #Health and #Care (#Staffing) (Scotland) Bill at Stage 2 (Day 1) is now online. We will continue consideration next Tues 5 Feb:

RT @GavinLundy: All I can think is that Scotland deserves so much better. The No-confidence vote may not pass, and it's unclear what a general election will achieve. For some reason, I'm reminded of @faisalislam speaking about @NicolaSturgeon the morning after the EU referendum. #BrexitVote

RT @ELConservatives: NHS Scotland, Scotrail, Education are just a few areas in the news again today and not in a good way, these are "Day Job" issues we need the SNP to focus on! #devolvedpowers Nicola Sturgeon shows her true colours yet again – Jackson Carlaw…

RT @KizzieWiz: @cajardineMP You are just a member of an English party in Scotland who will always help to dish the dirt on a Scottish party that wants the best for its country. Shame on you! #DissolveTheUnion

RT @SarahLudford: ‘Almost 1,000 police officers from England & Scotland are to begin training for deployment in Northern Ireland in case of disorder from a no-deal Brexit’ Goes from bad to mad. Apart from risks to NI peace, we’re rather short of police in rest of UK..…