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Labour MSP for Central Scotland.


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

RT @ELConservatives: NHS Scotland, Scotrail, Education are just a few areas in the news again today and not in a good way, these are "Day Job" issues we need the SNP to focus on! #devolvedpowers Nicola Sturgeon shows her true colours yet again – Jackson Carlaw…

Scotland has had enough of @theSNP's grievance politics. Only the @ScotTories can provide a Government that will focus on Scotland's prosperity.

The number of flu deaths in Scotland rose from 71 in 2016-17 to more than 330 in 2017-18. Why will the FM reconsider the decision not to procure this lifesaving vaccine?

RT @BrexitLondon: Pro-#Brexit @UKIP #Scotland MEP @DavidCoburnUKip just said @RTUKnews: "They called on us to surrender in 1940 & join them. We didn’t then & we won’t now. It’s not what Britain's about. We don’t care wht they think. It’s about what the #British public think. We are a democracy."

Today the Scottish Parliament debated violence reduction in Scotland. The Scottish Government claim crime is at a 43 year low so I decided to look a little closer at the situation in my own region and I found some surprising results.…