All deleted tweets from politicians

Gavin Davis (DA) retweeted @SpursOfficial :

RT @SpursOfficial: ⏱ Today’s team news will be with us in the next hour! 🤔 Who would you like to see in our starting line-up at Selhurst Park? #COYS

Ian Lucas MP (Labour) retweeted @ParlyApp :

RT @ParlyApp: RT @ParlyApp: Here are the MPs on the order paper for today’s PMQs - first up @stephenkerrMP

davidmcallister (EU) retweeted @tfajon :

RT @tfajon: Big uncertainty in the #UK ahead of today’s vote.People and businesses on both sides need clear answers on what happens next. More than 100 MEPs asked the British citizens to reconsider.Together we are stronger.Debating #Brexit with @davidmcallister on @euronews @TheProgressives

RT @SimonClarkeMP: In today’s @TheNorthernEcho I set out why the Withdrawal Agreement is wrong for our country, why we shouldn’t give in to Project Fear about a clean #Brexit and why the overwhelming choice of North East voters should be respected.

Bob Rae (unknown) retweeted @cforcese :

RT @cforcese: RT @cforcese: Congratulations to Barbara Jackman, appointed in today’s announcement to the Order of Canada.

RT @StStephensLBHF: The donkeys have arrived! Make sure you come to today’s Christmas Fair and see them in person! Doors open in just under an hour! #ChristmasFair

RT @IanMurrayMP: Following today’s farcical events by the Government, I have written with dozens of colleagues to ask Jeremy Corbyn to press a vote of no confidence this week and then go immediately for a @peoplesvote_uk

RT @asmashirazi: Info Minister @fawadchaudhry blasts on today’s add of PTI 100 days published in newspapers. Says it was without his consent, cost over 10 million. سو دن کی تکمیل پر اخبارات میں ایک سے سوا کروڑ روپے کے اشتہارات میری مخالفت کے باوجود دیے گئے، فواد چوہدری #FaislaAapKa

RT @hilarybennmp: Today’s Treasury assessment of Brexit could not crunch the numbers on the Government’s ‘deal’ because no-one can say what it will turn out to be. Instead it analysed the Chequers plan that the EU has rejected! @itvpeston

RT @carolejames: When we formed government, we committed to doing things differently. Today’s results show that we can invest in people and tackle our province’s major challenges - like housing and child care - while eliminating BC’s operating debt for the first time in over 40 years. #bcpoli