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RT @SeamasBelfast: In today’s @irish_news. The British Government is now preparing to legislate for issues in Northern Ireland, but under who’s direction? Without movement on rights issues - it’s clearly the DUP pulling Karen Bradley’s strings. #MarriageEquality

RT @LabourRichard: Today’s #scotbudget was a missed opportunity. The SNP refused to end the two-child cap, and top up Child Benefit to lift 30,000 children out of poverty. The next Scottish Labour government will.

RT @metpoliceuk: Meet PC Deniz Jaffer, one of today’s new recruits. A 44-year-old father of two, Deniz had always dreamed of being a police officer and after 23 years in banking decided to take the plunge and apply for his dream role, showing that it is never too late to try something new. #POP

RT @peoplesvote_uk: Brexit is already making our country poorer, hitting wages, damaging the value of the pound & as today’s figures show, strangling economic growth. That’s before we’ve even left & Gov's own figures show any Brexit would leave us all much worse off than our current deal in the EU…

RT @guywilliamsguy: I’m on the front page of the paper! Check it out guys! Today’s @SundayStarTimes also featuring @golrizghahraman to a lesser extent.

RT @guywilliamsguy: My Column (about racist columns) is in today’s @SundayStarTimes! Alternatively you can just zoom in on this low res photo I took to it:

Bill Bowman MSP (unknown) tweeted :

Sturgeon made today’s speech in the hope of drumming up the prospects for Scottish independence This was just the latest opportunistic contribution from Nicola Sturgeon, whose behaviour on the Brexit process has been selfish and utterly shameless #no2indyref2@ProfTomkins⁩

RT @AnandWrites: Today’s titans of tech and finance want to solve the world’s problems. As long as the solutions never, ever threaten their own wealth and power. A gift for #WEF19 delegates in #Davos from the @guardian and me.…

Ankit Lal (india) retweeted @darpans :

RT @darpans: Solid reporting in today’s Mail Today on Delhi government’s #DoorStepDelivery project. Could be a governance game changer, if it remains glitch free, follow-ups are scaled up and a more penetrating awareness drive is run.

RT @MFidlerJones: One thing is clear after today’s Treasury analysis. ANY form of Brexit will leave UK, Wales and RCT poorer than if we were in the EU. With Council budgets already struggling, this is the last thing we need. All responsible politicians must oppose Brexit with every fibre.…