All deleted tweets from politicians

Eve Adams (unknown) tweeted :

Today’s snow day was the best!!!!

Shocked by today’s UN report showing global hunger on the rise yet again. It's unacceptable that 821 million people are undernourished. #DFID must do more to tackle root causes of hunger- conflict, climate change & economic instability #ZeroHunger…

All govt ministers except Birmo missing from the start of today’s senate #MIA #libspil #DUTTON #auspol

Too much debate and distortion over today’s withdrawal of the 2008 Expropriation Bill in Parliament- check @MYANC timeline for a full blow by blow of the withdrawn bill and why it’s not counter expropriation without compensation but a necessity thing to do.

ANC Deputy Secretary General Cde Jessie Duarte moderating today’s panel discussion themed “Women’s Representation in the Media” - introduces panelists #ANCToday #WomensMonth