All deleted tweets from politicians

Akhilesh Yadav (india) tweeted :

Today’s events.

Our first two visits, to food banks Poplar and Waterloo, feature in today’s Channel 4 news report on Universal Credit:…

Liam Byrne (Labour) tweeted :

OPEN today’s door for another of our #StatsofShame from austerity Britain Source:… #WinterofCompassion

RT @pollietracker: Today’s meeting of federal and state education ministers has left a key item off the agenda and the sector and parents are up in arms.…

Shakeel Ahmad (india) tweeted :

An interesting Social Media post on today’s election results.

RT @GrahamGGrant: #exclusive in today’s Mail: Scottish hospitals begin stockpiling body parts and storing clinical waste in trailers on-site, after controversial waste removal firm is stripped of contract: #NHS #SNP #hospitals

Věra Jourová (EU) tweeted :

Here are my expectations for today’s Justice Council: hopefully 3 agreements #JHA @EU2018AT

Carolyn Bennett (Liberal) tweeted :

Thanks so much to @ppfumca & @edgreenspon for inviting @DLeBancNB & I to speak at today’s conf.: “Expanding the Circle: What Reconciliation and Inclusive Growth can Mean for Inuit & Canada.” Gr8 ideas from the audience on how the Gov can better support our partners in the North.

RT @ALeighMP: Another sign that the Morrison Govt has given up governing. Today’s speaking list has 31 Labor/crossbench speakers, but just 2 Coalition speakers. #auspol

Roger Helmer (EU) retweeted @LiamHalligan :

RT @LiamHalligan: My take in today’s @Telegraph “I admire May’s grit but she is trading on a false prospectus” “This ‘deal’ gives EU both the incentive and power to lock UK into a deeply disadvantageous arrangement“ “It isn’t too late. On the contrary, most of this negotiation has yet to begin”