All deleted tweets from politicians

Hans Jansen (EU) retweeted @bpschut :

RT @bpschut: Hey @Unilever, do the Dutch people a favor and #stay in London. It'll save tax payers 2 billion euros a year. You can still give @MinPres Mark Rutte a job after he steps down, right? In fact, please offer him a position - any position - now. Preferably in London. Or farther away.

RT @sarahmackinlay: "Tories say 'it'll b OK'-but there are no guarantees it'll b OK. When the Tories tlk about 'red tape' what they mean is being able 2 get rid of protection for women...women will be dramatically & badly effected by #Brexit" says @maryhoneyball #labwomen2018

RT @pjhalpin: RT @pjhalpin: @lukeming Bejayus it'll be a tent at the Galway races next.

Clare Moody MEP (EU) retweeted @mikekatz :

RT @mikekatz: Nice line from @Manuel_TSSA @TSSAunion GS on Rees-Mogg saying it'll take 50yrs to reap benefit of #Brexit - "He's three centuries behind, so it won't seem like much! To rest of us it's an eternity."

RT @joncstone: Trump administration says it'll use the post-Brexit trade deal to make the NHS pay more for drugs, in the hope that this will lower prices for Americans and compensate for the inefficiencies of the US private healthcare system…

RT @DoomlordVek: RT @DoomlordVek: @faisalislam Ah well, it'll be No Brexit then.