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Leader of The Brexit Party in the Welsh Assembly, AM for South Wales East, as well as a lawyer, economist, husband and father.

RT @Michael_Heaver: The scaremongers now whipping up fear of No Deal Brexit are same irresponsible idiots who scared people into believing that Leave vote would mean 500,000 job losses and a recession. Stop it.

RT @Michael_Heaver: Why is the individual effectively implementing the Prime Minister’s Brexit policy a civil servant who is totally unaccountable to the public? The system is bust.

RT @alstewitn: I avoid @Andrew_Adonis these days. A once great brain, he has, like many in the #Brexit debate, become fixated. He has lost all objectivity and, with it, credibility. It is sad. I liked him, a lot.…

RT @JournalistNik: @Andrew_Adonis If Brexit is stopped, then no one will ever trust a vote again. If Brexit is stopped, democracy will be finished the in the UK. I voted remain. I respect the result, I prepare now for Brexit and I support it as much as I can. Andrew, history will judge you poorly.

RT @screwlabour: Mainstream Tory supporters overwhelmingly voted for Brexit. I will not support the Party on its current course to not deliver what we voted for and I will support anybody that fights to deliver Brexit. We did not vote to allow Remainers to define and implement a soft Remain.…

RT @Glenman247: RT @Glenman247: A joy to watch if you like this sort of thing. Forensic. Damning. #Brexit…

RT @Glenman247: RT @Glenman247: And Kelly Tolhurst shaking her head at the entrance. Can see which side of #Brexit she's on then...…

RT @Michael_Heaver: Note that the people now warning of absurd ‘Brexit doomsday’ are the same lot who shouted that we’d be in a recession and 500,000 jobs down by now. 🤔

RT @RedHotSquirrel: Some of the many tricks the Brits are missing... ◙ Up to £8bn in GDP from reclaiming UK Territorial Waters post-Brexit. ◙ Manufacture UK defence equipment in UK: combat vehicles, ships and aircraft, after we leave EU. ◙ Ensure all Govt and council vehicles are made in UK.

RT @ForgeWales: In 2017, Theresa May famously stated "You can't deliver Brexit if you don't believe in Brexit." In light of recent events, can we honestly believe that she believes in Brexit? 🇬🇧🇪🇺