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Labour MP for Sheffield Central. Shadow Brexit Minister 2016-2020.


Member #MEP @europarl @eppgroup @cdu_csu_ep coordinator for @ep_singlemarket #digital #brexit #competition #EUswitzerland

RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: I am confident the Prime Minister will deliver the Brexit she has promised.…

RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: The advantages of Brexit for the least well off must be preserved.

RT @Michael_Heaver: RT @Michael_Heaver: 'Chequers is dead' More Tory MPs pile in for May to accept Tusk's Brexit offer.…

RT @TomKS4: RT @TomKS4: @JuliaHB1 Poor Charlie Mullins still trying to stop Brexit. ◽

RT @LlyrPowell: The Brexit white paper says Britain will replace the free movement of people from the EU with "reciprocal mobility arrangements" with the EU. Hmm.

RT @Steven_Woolfe: Code for -'I will bitch and moan about how bad Brexit it giving 3 Remainers ample time to back my belief and 1 Brexiteers a chance to speak momentarily through my interruptions'…

RT @Michael_Heaver: The scaremongers now whipping up fear of No Deal Brexit are same irresponsible idiots who scared people into believing that Leave vote would mean 500,000 job losses and a recession. Stop it.

RT @alstewitn: I avoid @Andrew_Adonis these days. A once great brain, he has, like many in the #Brexit debate, become fixated. He has lost all objectivity and, with it, credibility. It is sad. I liked him, a lot.…

RT @JournalistNik: @Andrew_Adonis If Brexit is stopped, then no one will ever trust a vote again. If Brexit is stopped, democracy will be finished the in the UK. I voted remain. I respect the result, I prepare now for Brexit and I support it as much as I can. Andrew, history will judge you poorly.