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Labour MSP for Central Scotland.


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

RT @SLPLearn: It's interesting, in Scotland we always have to explain what adult learning does in simple terms, without us losing sight of the bigger picture of how it contributes to society. We need to help funders understand so does adult learning reduce social isolation and loneliness?

RT @margtrees: RT @margtrees: @MhairiBlack @PGibsonSNP Can we move Southport into Scotland, please? I just wish we had such support in the rest of the UK.…

RT @Cymraeg_lad: @ali__samson @juliakaypotts In 2014, if I had the opportunity (I don't actually live in Scotland) I would have voted no because I thought the UK was stronger as one. Since Brexit I've reversed that opinion and would vote Yes having seen the way Tories and Labour appallingly treat Scotland.

RT @KAlmsivi: @Dr_PhilippaW Yes! We need a Deepwater port on the east coast of Scotland. Especially if we manage to attract vehicle manufacturing and need a roro port to ship them to Europe. 👍

RT @AndrewEwen_: Dear god. It’s becoming like a nightmare that never ends. Surely the people of Scotland running their own affairs is better than this. #Indyref2…

RT @JumMurphy: We have our health challenges in Scotland but the best way to tackle them is to put “Health and Wellbeing” at the heart of all policy decisions and to build the fairer Scotland we all want to live in - @Dr_PhilippaW…

RT @IFA_Edinburgh: If you earn over £24,000 pa in Scotland and pay into a pension, you will have to submit a tax return to reclaim your full entitlement to pension tax relief. In England this is only necessary if you earn over £46,350 pa.

RT @MacPean: @DAJCameron @ScotTories Scotland didn't vote Tory or for Brexit. Why should WM get to do as it pleases to Scotland? Why shouldn't we protect our rights, freedom and parliament? If you don't believe in sovereignty of the SG why are you there?