All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @CoconutKelz: Guys. Our rent a crowd was out of control today! So embarrassed 🙈 But went to fetch them and they’re back in the DA compound for re-programming. And I’m back with Pam @phemelomotene tomorrow at 07:45am on @Radio702

RT @RanjeniM: Yet they’re still doing the Breaking News! thing 😕. Honestly what’s gonna happen when the deed finally happens? The country will be Breaking News fatigued 🤨…

RT @lesterkk: So these two clowns who work for @KFMza thought they could shame a Minister. They’re the sad indictment that maybe our education system did fail some. They’re Rude, wRong, and aRrogant. For the record, the 3 R’s: Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic.