All deleted tweets from politicians

Ben Bradshaw (Labour) tweeted :

Jeremy Hunt calls those raising concerns about Government’s Brexit policy “siren voices”. Head of #NHS Simon Stevens tells @CommonsHealth poles are “right to raise legitimate concerns”. #BrexitShambles

Sue Hayman (Labour) tweeted :

Government’s air pollution strategy passes the buck to cash-strapped local councils and doesn’t say how the they will deal with the problem of NOX emissions from cars.…

The Government’s favoured ‘customs partnership’ model now seems to have no friends on any side of the Brexit debate /2

4 years ago I led debate in Parliament to highlight suffering of disabled people caused Government’s brutal policies. Today’s DWP Select Committee report confirms all we described then & how the Tories cruelly refused to listen to the pleas of disabled.

I spoke to @RadioLeeds about local Government funding. The Government’s announcement of an extra £150m for councils across England is nowhere near enough. In 2013/14 the Government grant for Bradford Council was £183m - by 2020 it will be zero.