All deleted tweets from politicians

Mathias Cormann (unknown) tweeted :

Income tax refunds. Shorten wants to confiscate. It’s not the Government’s money. It belongs to taxpayers who paid more tax on their income than they should. Shorten wants low income earners to pay 30% tax on dividend income when high income earners get a full 100% tax credit.…

Mathias Cormann (unknown) tweeted :

As I said, you clearly don’t get the difference between the economy and the Budget. It’s not the government’s money its people’s money. Giving them their own money back cos they overpaid tax doesn’t take it out of the economy & people better at spending their money than Labor.…

James Moore (unknown) tweeted :

The US Government charges Meng Wanzhou and the Canadian Government arrests Meng Wanzhou on the US Government’s behalf. Yet, the US Government under Donald Trump says Canada is a s.232 National Security threat. There is no reason or objective truth to the administration’s zig zags

Paul Calandra (unknown) tweeted :

Yesterday, Minister MacLeod launched our government’s reforms to Social Assistance. It’s a four part plan designed to lift people out of poverty, move people to employment, and ensure sustainability of Ontario’s social services.

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

You can’t argue with Mogg’s amendments. They are in line with the government’s stated position. So no Irish backstop, and a reciprocal customs deal.

BJP Karnataka (unknown) tweeted :

@narendramodi Government’s contribution to Karnataka Prime Minister’s Ujwala Scheme No. of LPG connections – 3.33 Lakhs Swachh Bharat Mission 1,25,296 Toilets constructed Funds released – ₹100.43 Cr Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Funds Released - ₹1841.31 Cr #BJP4Development