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Mathias Cormann (unknown) tweeted :

Income tax refunds. Shorten wants to confiscate. It’s not the Government’s money. It belongs to taxpayers who paid more tax on their income than they should. Shorten wants low income earners to pay 30% tax on dividend income when high income earners get a full 100% tax credit.…

Mathias Cormann (unknown) tweeted :

As I said, you clearly don’t get the difference between the economy and the Budget. It’s not the government’s money its people’s money. Giving them their own money back cos they overpaid tax doesn’t take it out of the economy & people better at spending their money than Labor.…

The Coalition Government’s final response to the Callaghan Review of PRRT will provide certainty to the industry & ensure the PRRT better reflects Australia’s petroleum industry today. These reforms are part of our plan for a stronger economy.

Great to be able to outline the Morrison Government’s economic plan at the Institute of Public Accountants’ National Congress

Craig Laundy (australia) tweeted :

The Turnbull Government’s Corrupting Benefits Laws: giving workers a fair go and putting an end to dodgy union sweetheart deals. #Auspol…

NSW has now signed on to the Turnbull Government’s Skilling Australians Fund which means more apprenticeships and traineeships in NSW. Looking forward to working with @JohnBarilaroMP #RealSkillsforRealCareers

Today’s National Accounts show that the Turnbull Government’s plan for a stronger economy is working, and we need to stick to that plan. We are focussed on backing these results in to create more opportunities for Australians to get a job, earn more, spend more and invest more.

Great to catch up with @ScottMorrisonMP today in Canberra to talk about the Commonwealth Government’s investment in defence capability in Western Australia. I also updated him on some of the infrastructure requirements for the Australian Marine Complex at Henderson. #WAdoesitbest

On @abcnews discussing the Government’s commitment to lower taxes and Labor’s addiction to tax increases.

...and a direct plea to women to consider applying. Don’t let the bullshit paddlers deter you. Labor government’s change Australia for the better - and they are built on the hard work and talent of women in every part of our team. Be a part of it.