All deleted tweets from politicians

Wow! What a day!!!! Being the Government’s representative at a CupFinal when my favorite team @rbk wins....a dream come true!

Sammy Wilson MP (dup) tweeted :

There is a irony to the Government’s claim that publication of legal advice will undermine their position. No one has compromised the Government's position more than the Government itself in these negotiations.

Great to be able to outline the Morrison Government’s economic plan at the Institute of Public Accountants’ National Congress

Nathan Cullen (NDP) tweeted :

We’re going to miss her but our loss is BC NDP government’s as @s_malcolmson looks to run for our government there. Sheila is a star and will continue to fight for #Nanaimo like for few have.…

Disabled people have been treated so badly by this government’s policies that the United Nations has said it is a systematic violation of their rights - “a human catastrophe”, which was “totally neglecting the vulnerable situation people with disabilities find themselves in”. 6/7

The Government’s attempted charm offensive with a deeply concerned business community is now in tatters with one of the senior economic ministers at war with business leaders.

I support the Government’s #SafeSchools initiative as lead by the Department of Basic Education on the instruction of the President @CyrilRamaphosa The Department is changing the face of rural and township schools through ASIDI and this will be get anothet success.

Craig Laundy (australia) tweeted :

The Turnbull Government’s Corrupting Benefits Laws: giving workers a fair go and putting an end to dodgy union sweetheart deals. #Auspol…

Ben Bradshaw (Labour) tweeted :

Jeremy Hunt calls those raising concerns about Government’s Brexit policy “siren voices”. Head of #NHS Simon Stevens tells @CommonsHealth poles are “right to raise legitimate concerns”. #BrexitShambles

NSW has now signed on to the Turnbull Government’s Skilling Australians Fund which means more apprenticeships and traineeships in NSW. Looking forward to working with @JohnBarilaroMP #RealSkillsforRealCareers