All deleted tweets from politicians

The roof is literally falling in on this government’s housing policy. 3 weeks ago, my constituent warned their ceiling was collapsing. No one took action. It then collapsed - luckily no one hurt. It’s high time for @KarenPBuckMP’s Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Bill.

The Government’s rhetoric of UC helping people stay in work is clearly preposterous; urgent changes must be made to ensure vulnerable households receive the assistance they require.

The UAE South Africa Legal Assistance expresses our government’s will to close all hiding spots & safe heavens for criminal gangs whoever they are. #UlibambeLingashoni #YouCanRunButCannotHide #Nonke

Government’s #SafeSchools project will seek to install schools with proper sanitation and eradicate. Building on the work done already on ASIDI, the Department of Basic Education has my support.