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EU-Commissioner for Budget and Administration

RT @BaFana3: More war comes. Pro-#Saudi #Yemen army COS: Armies of EU, East Europe & South East Asian states have agreed to provide us with 'logistical support'. #Australia Navy already involved with us in Hodeidah coastal ops. Hodeidah port attack soon.

RT @paulw1415: RT @paulw1415: I’m #FBPE For Britain & Pro Europe Can’t stand the EU though.

RT @GawainTowler: Traumatic life moments Part 3076 Gina Miller’s diary: I had to tell a teenager it would be hard to rejoin the EU after Brexit…

RT @Brasco_Aad: #EU deepstate ordered #Italia/n president Mattarella to block the nomination of Italy's new Finance Minister Paolo Savona, because he said that the Euro has been a historic mistake and only serves #Germany. Unprecedented.…

RT @Open_Britain: "Sadiq Khan is right to back cross-party amendments on EU Withdrawal Bill” @wesstreeting praises @SadiqKhan's comments today backing the Lords amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill

RT @JackBMontgomery: Bottom line on EU referendum spending: Add up all the money spent by all the Leave groups, and all the money spent by all the Remain groups, and Remain comes out over £5m ahead. Oh, and Cameron spent £9.3m sending every household a leaflet urging a Remain vote on top of THAT.

RT @2010LeeHurst: Hadn't posted anything about the EU for a while. Now realise why, you have to wade chest deep through the sewers of the Remoaner Trolls. All now muted, but they're like buses. They'll be another one along in a minute. (With £350 million on the side of it) #BangerLitStepsBack

RT @darrengrimes_: Juncker: EU superstate claims nonsense Really? In his State of the EU address, Juncker called for: - Common finance minister - Growing EU beyond 27 members - Common labour laws - All EU states to join Euro - An EU army How are such proposals not the ambitions of a superstate?

RT @darrengrimes_: A new @YouGov poll shows growing opposition to a second EU referendum, with a 10% majority against. The country has moved on, isn't it time our political class did so too?

RT @darrengrimes_: Boris Johnson literally said he was in favour of an illegal immigrant amnesty during the EU referendum. Could there be a more liberal position?…