All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @LlyrPowell: Politics is currently more toxic than ever. How anyone could think a second referendum could help I’ll never know. Having debate is good but the current attacks and language be used is dangerous. Politicians and people with platforms need step up

RT @WhenaOwen: #Armistice100 over but I’ll always honour my great uncle, Cptn Eric Anderson of 6th Seaforth Highlanders (left)having a laugh with a local a few weeks before he was killed in the storming of Beaumont Hamel. His brother was gassed, his other bro, my Grandad (NZEF),survived.

@kimbakit @AuConservatives @SwannyQLD Well if you do happen to win the next election I’ll lay London to a brick that your Party will seek @AuConservatives support at some stage or another. I’ll be sure to quote your tweet to Bill or Penny or Don or whomever is tasked to ask #NameYourWager @kimbakit

RT @GargiRawat: ‘If you’re talking about dynastic politics, I’ll be the first to resign if this is an issue, but then others should to’ @yadavtejashwi #NDTVYuva

Eve Adams (unknown) replied to @slangtro :

@slangtro @HamOntRules @alexdaiglecup @JoeyColeman DM your address. I’ll pop by tonight if you missed the mailer.

PhilWilsonMP (Labour) tweeted :

I’ll be asking for an explanation from @TfL why the @HitachiRailEU @BombardierRail bid for the deep tube contract was rejected. I understand the joint bid was best value for money. Hitachi employees 1300 people with +6000 more in the supply chain.…

Phumzile Van Damme (DA) tweeted :

I’ll take a break from self-imposed break from social media as I am I’ll hospital to tell you that your tweet is absolute garbage. Have a lovely evening.…

RT @MikePMoffatt: RT @MikePMoffatt: I’ll be speaking here on Saturday. So if you’re in Sydney, AUS come see me!…