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Labour MSP for Central Scotland.


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

RT @Guide2Scotland: BREAKING Historic Environment Scotland has called in bulldozers to remove the statue of King Robert the Bruce from Stirling Castle esplanade. 'He was political,' said a HES spokesperson.

RT @DaftLimmy: RT @DaftLimmy: So glad Scotland voted No, so we can retain our seat at the top table. HAHAHAHAHA!

RT @SiannamacDonald: Tired of the waiting to see if my Belgian husband will be able to remain in Scotland after Brexit, and with me. Asked for clarification on it til I'm blue in the face. The stress WM have put ordinary people under, well...I hope they sleep at night. We can't.…

RT @Zarkwan: Thread: Per head of population, Scotland exports almost three times as much as England does. Bigger than you thought? 1/8

RT @ancientnoise1: RT @ancientnoise1: @ChristinaSNP SLAB now fighting for third place in Scotland, rather than second.

RT @Brizerwatt1: Tory policy, Scotland must stay in the UK, but we are not partners of the United Kingdom and will NOT be allowed a veto on this legislation SNP policy, Scotland goes indy, stays in the EU, we are equal partners of all EU members and we would have a veto on all this legislation

RT @Brizerwatt1: @Brown666W @Ianmac611 @RossThomson_MP @PermSecScot The SNP showing Scotland in a positive way to the world, and the worst thing is, they are doing it on purpose!

RT @Traceymorgin: This is what labour in Scotland have become. Blaming SNP for their own failings, and asking questions on reserved matter at FMQs. The only people who fall for their nonsense are the party faithful. Imagine if the SNP were reduced to this level of desperation.…

RT @Traceymorgin: Parents of Scotland. I'm going to assume that you are completely fine with Scottish politicians using your children and their education as pawns in a petty game of one upmanship? If the opposition win, your children lose. But, hey-ho...