All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @Sime0nStylites: RT @Sime0nStylites: I’d suggest everyone reads this.…

RT @robosborneitv: And👆probably goes for every other journalist in Wales. I have lost count the number of times someone says to me “I’d love to tell you this because it’s really improtent but it will upset x”

RT @Ryanmcshanemsyp: 7 yrs ago to the day that I entered foster care & it has changed my life in a positive way that I’d hoped it would. I live in a home where my carers whom I call mum and dad are proud to say they LOVE me without hesitation but I’m still part of a minority. Let’s fight for equality

RT @AlastairMcA30: I’d fallen out of love with Melo-death. But the relationship has been rekindled. This is a classic from Mors Principium Est, and a perfect way to get your Saturday night going. 🤘🤘

RT @CllrKeithDUP: “Good to see the Ant & Dec sofa in Enniskillen tonight. However, I demand a recount as my wife was 2 away and I’d have loved a trip to Florida. And how on earth does a gnome beat scissors?”

I’d like to say daughter learned this perspective on life from me, but I suspect it was a My Little Pony episode...…