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Exec. Member Voice of Karachi(VoK) and SAMAF. Nothing to do with MQM. RT’s doesn’t mean endorsement. Live & Let Live

Bibi said at the UN that Arab citizens enjoy equal rights. He doesn’t realize that the nation-state law gives Jews special rights in housing, lands, immigration, language, state symbols, and more? He better take a history lesson from the South African representative in Geneva.

RT @JulieCollinsMP: @rharris334 So no denial of a heated conversation- It doesn’t matter what expletive he did use but his attitude and contempt towards Tasmanians is the issue. #auspol

RT @nick_gutteridge: Whether you agree with him or not this piece by @DanielJHannan on the EEA/Swiss option is worth reading. It doesn’t grapple with the technical detail I grant you, but that’s kind of his point. The moderate tone is also particularly welcome at the moment.…

RT @Stephen_SNP: This is not on. The Tory Leader of the Council is either actively misleading the public or doesn’t understand that 3 out of 9 is not a majority- which is particularly grim given he is in charge of the council budget.…

David C Bannerman (EU) tweeted :

Hi Kevin, Doesn’t refer to normal democratic debate, not at all. Only to extreme collusion not just with EU but other nations. What do you think should be in new Treason Act?

James Moore (unknown) replied to @acoyne :

@acoyne @WoodfordCHNL A lady doesn’t answer the phone on the first ring Andrew. Let it ring a couple times. Don’t seem anxious or desperate.

RT @australian: It’s really hard to believe Wayne Swan was once treasurer, writes Judith Sloan. He doesn’t seem to have a clue how the economy operates

BJP Karnataka (unknown) tweeted :

@CMofKarnataka Sri. @hd_kumaraswamy doesn’t allocate any funds to Kodagu in his budget, His govt doesn’t help victims of rain in Kodagu & now more than 100 trees axed in Kodagu ahead of his visit. Is this a gift from ‘Mannina Maga’ to people of Kodagu for questioning his failure?

Sian Berry (- / Greens) tweeted :

The Tories have betrayed Londoners utterly with this u-turn, and Labour clearly doesn’t care about a second term for its Mayor. Other parties are available:…

Roger Helmer (EU) tweeted :

It doesn’t really matter that smart meters “go dumb” when people change energy suppliers. By that time the novelty will have warn off and no one will be looking at the meters anyway.