All deleted tweets from politicians

Theresa May was plunged into further crisis after Alan Milburn the government’s social mobility adviser revealed he and his team were quitting, warning the government has zero chance to reach its own pledge to build a “fairer Britain”.…

The roof is literally falling in on this government’s housing policy. 3 weeks ago, my constituent warned their ceiling was collapsing. No one took action. It then collapsed - luckily no one hurt. It’s high time for @KarenPBuckMP’s Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Bill.

Government’s #SafeSchools project will seek to install schools with proper sanitation and eradicate. Building on the work done already on ASIDI, the Department of Basic Education has my support.

Murray Rankin MP (NDP) tweeted :

The Federal Court of Appeal has overturned the Trudeau government’s approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. This incredibly important decision shows that we must keep up the fight!…

The Government’s attempted charm offensive with a deeply concerned business community is now in tatters with one of the senior economic ministers at war with business leaders.

The Government’s failure to reach an agreement with primary teachers has caused massive disruption to children’s learning today and to parents who have struggled to sort childcare arrangements....…

I support the Government’s #SafeSchools initiative as lead by the Department of Basic Education on the instruction of the President @CyrilRamaphosa The Department is changing the face of rural and township schools through ASIDI and this will be get anothet success.

Craig Laundy (australia) tweeted :

The Turnbull Government’s Corrupting Benefits Laws: giving workers a fair go and putting an end to dodgy union sweetheart deals. #Auspol…

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

You can’t argue with Mogg’s amendments. They are in line with the government’s stated position. So no Irish backstop, and a reciprocal customs deal.

You obviously haven’t read the paper which takes the Scottish Government’s projections and builds them into the analysis...even Andrew Wilson has said that these sort of comments do not help your cause.