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RT @FraserNelson: With stats out today, worth remembering: the idea that young people are paid less than their parents is a myth. They’re wealthier, healthier,more likely to have a degree, better prospects generally. House prices are higher. But overall there’s never been a better time to be young

RT @BathUKIP: RT @BathUKIP: 'They’re giving us NOTHING!' @Nigel_Farage destroys EU's Brexit divorce bill 'ransom demands' #OutNow @UKIP…

RT @beatsbydreUK: No one expected a women’s bobsled team from Africa to make it to winter sports’ biggest stage, but they’re here now. They've already made history, but their story is just beginning. #AkuomaOmeoga #NgoziOnwumere #SeunAdigun #AboveTheNoise