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@DoctorAphobos Maybe you’d like to apologise to the Germans for fighting the Second World War why you are at it.

RT @Jenny4Edgbaston: It’s polling day! We’ve had a busy morning in Edgbaston ward! The sun is shining on our volunteers, if you’d like to join us this afternoon get in touch! 🤩🌹☀️ #VoteLabourToday #ChangeIsComing

@riddell07 @chloe_geneva Ach, you’d love it!! I even have all my teeth left ◽◽◽◽◽

Dr Julia Reid MEP (EU) retweeted @afneil :

RT @afneil: RT @afneil: You’d think by now you’d have learned to take brexit-related growth forecasts with a pinch of salt.…