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Vicky Ford MP (EU) retweeted @IanHorrabin :

RT @IanHorrabin: @vickyford @bbradleymp @LeoDochertyUK @GavinWilliamson As a veteran I’d just like to thank you for doing that and please continue to get the message out. There are too many vets killing themselves due to spurious allegations from the government who sent them to war in the first place! #thankyou

RT @DeborahJaneOrr: Another Preston story, from about 1991. I’d not been editor for the Weekend mag for long. PP called me down to his office. (Big thing.) Peter: I’m wracked with guilt. The man who edits the Observer magazine is paid £5k more than you. I have to give you a £5k raise. Me: “Okay.”

RT @GarethBQuinn: Also, if you want a good ceilidh partner for strip the willow I’d recommend rugby playing @MareeToddSNP. Fair flung off my feet 💃🏼🕺🏻

RT @DouglasCarswell: Five years ago, if you said we’d be leaving the EU and heading towards Swiss-type deal with EU, I’d be delighted. Don’t let purism come at the expense of a deal that consolidates our win.

RT @DouglasCarswell: Ok. So we’ve really tried to be reasonable. Concessions treated with contempt. I’d say it’s now a 60/40 chance we leave without a binding treaty in place. So be it…

RT @Smayers_91: I’d like to thank @SharonHodgsonMP for attending @twickenhamclp this evening to give a talk. Thank you for giving up a little bit of your time today.

RT @DanniNicolson: Thought I’d join the crowd... campaigning in the Highlands always means facing 4 seasons in a day! I’m forever grateful for the confidence, voice and friendships I’ve gained through the SNP. Here are a few of my favourites from the past few years. #ActiveSNP

RT @dabeard: Here are pictures of the journalists killed under Putin. I’d like to say the man who represents my nation would denounce that, but he just attacked journalists before his secret meeting with the man who sought to subvert our democracy.

RT @FarahKHussain: @MomentumRdbrdge @kerensky24 @Weggis66 Do you think I’m incompetent or a secret Tory who hates homeless people? I’d be interested to know why you decide to attack me instead of offering up your ideas constructively, or campaigning with me against the Tory government’s housing policy.

RT @rich_cartwright: @morton_wendy Sarah below is one of your constituents. I’d like to think you’d be supporting @RhonddaBryant Assaults on Emergency Workers (Offences) Bill this Friday #ProtectTheProtectors @PFEW_HQ @OFFICIALWMAS…